Cooperation between Romanian and U.S. Universities Made Possible by Fulbright Alumni

34School of Public Policy and Administration, University of Delaware, US together with College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, Babes Bolyai University, Romania, are cooperating toward finding innovative ways for fostering student and faculty exchanges as well as joint research. In 2013, the two programs organized the third study abroad program which took place from January 14 to January 24 2013. The program participants are master and doctoral students who study in the field of public administration and public policy – a model of collaborative study that organizers hope will continue, perhaps culminating in the opportunity for students to earn a dual degree and study at both universities.

The study abroad program is complemented by a graduate level course offered for both Romanian and American students. Students from both countries enroll for this comparative course in public administration at the beginning of the academic year. In January, the American students traveled to Romania where they were paired with Romanian students, thus forming international teams of up to five students. The teams researched important topics for public administration from a comparative perspective, with the purpose of identifying and disseminating best practices.  Each of the teams conducted independent research before meeting in Cluj in January.  

The latest project represents the continuation of the partnership between faculty and graduate students at both universities, which has been in existence since (2006) and continues to grow along with the collaboration between the faculty and administration, as well as the interactions between students.

The program is coordinated by prof. emeritus Arno Loessner from University of Delaware, a former Fulbright fellow in Romania and Calin Hintea from Babes Bolyai, also a former Fulbright grantee at Michigan State University. Other individuals who have received in the past research grants from Fulbright have been involved in the program – Catalin Baba, former ministry of education and past Fulbright scholar at the University of Delaware and Dan Lazar, past Fulbright scholar at the Florida International University.
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