Fulbright Educational Advising Center session at Tudor Vianu High School in Bucharest

Fulbright Educational Advising Center Session at Tudor Vianu High School in Bucharest

9th and 10th graders from Tudor Vianu High School in Bucharest attended a Fulbright Educational Advising Center/FEAC information session this Wednesday, May 13. The students had the opportunity to interact with two dynamic speakers, Anna Sherod, U.S. Fulbright Grantee, and David Henriquez, U.S. FEAC intern, who engaged the audience in a lively conversation. The presentation provided practical information on US college admissions and campus life, as well as on the resources available at FEAC. The event ended with a Q&A session, including small prizes for the best answers and questions from the audience. FEAC is part of the EducationUSA network as the only certified EducationUSA Center in Romania.