Fulbright Alumna Ruxandra Vidu Re-elected as President of the American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences

Professor Ruxandra Vidu of the University of California Davis, a Fulbright Alumna, was re-elected as President of the American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences (ARA) during the 41st ARA Congress. She was first elected ARA president in 2013 at the 27th ARA Congress in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

After more than 6 years, the 41st ARA Congress was brought back to Romania. The 41st ARA Congress "Science and Arts in Modern Era" was held at the University of Craiova, between 19-22 July 2017, with participation from Romania, USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Tunisia and Republic of Moldova.

The congress was opened by Prof. Univ. Dr. Cezar Ionuţ Spânu, Rector of the University of Craiova, following Prof. Univ. Dr. Ruxandra Botez, Director of the 41st ARA Congress and Prof. Univ. Dr. Ruxandra Vidu, President of ARA. Prof. Ruxandra Vidu also presented the messages addressed to the 41st ARA Congress by the Royal House of Romania, President Emil Constantinescu (1996-2000) and the Academy of Medical Sciences of Romania. Following were the presentations of Acad. Gheorghe Păun, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Acad. Dorel Banabic, Technical University of Cluj Napoca, and artist Mihai Teodor Olteanu, painter of the Revolution in Timisoara.

The four days of the Congress included round tables, a book release and an extraordinary concert on July 20 with Renata Vary (canto) and Botond Szocs (piano) at the Museum of Arts, Jean Mihail Palace, coordinated by Prof. Stela Dragulin.

The 41st ARA Congress continues the tradition of the ARA Academy to recognize the Romanian intellectual elite and to consolidate the bridges made during the 4 decades of ARA activity, between Romanians everywhere.