Fulbright Specialist Program in Financial Literacy

The Romanian Center for Economic Education (CREE), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic and financial literacy in Romania, hosted Jane Lopus, PhD, as a Fulbright Specialist in May 2017. Jane is Director of the Center for Economic Education at California State University East Bay and Director of the Global Economic Education Alliance (GEEA), a US-based non-profit organization. Paul Lacatus is President of CREE and Maria Lacatus, PhD, is Program Director. Maria is also Associate Professor in the Teacher Training Department of the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE; Bucharest University of Economics). Jane was a Fulbright Scholar at ASE in 2010.

As part of the Fulbright Specialist grant, on May18 2017 Dr. Lopus and Dr. Lacatus were keynote speakers and presented a joint paper entitled “A Comparison of Financial Literacy Education in Schools in Romania and the United States” at the annual conference of ASE’s Teacher Training Department. This paper is available here. Dr. John Brock (of GEEA and the University of Colorado) was also a keynote speaker.

For the second part of the Fulbright Specialist grant, Jane, Maria and John conducted a three-day financial literacy workshop for 20 middle school teachers in Cluj-Napoca. The workshop introduced the teachers to active-learning lessons and materials to support the middle school financial literacy course in Romania. The Romanian Ministry of Education recommended that this course be offered in middle schools in 2013.

Regarding her Fulbright Specialist grant, Dr. Lopus said “I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with CREE to help to promote financial literacy in Romania. The Fulbright Specialist program provides an excellent opportunity to conduct short-term programs that will hopefully have a lasting impact.”