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The Fulbright team wishes you a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year!

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Sărbători fericite!

Winter Holidays Celebration, December 2018

The Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission organized its Winter Holidays Celebration on December 13 & 14. The event started with a reception organized at Casa Oamenilor de Știință, where the impressive group of U.S. Fulbright grantees met and interacted with representatives of the U.S. Embassy – among others present, Public Affairs Officer Merry Miller and Cultural Affairs Officer Scott Reese –, of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Fulbright Board of Directors, as well as Romanian alumni and friends of the program in a large number. The evening program included Christmas Carols interpreted by a group of professionals.
On the second day of the event, the group of American Fulbrighters visited the Parliament Building, Cotroceni Museum and in the evening participated in a concert at the Romanian Athenaeum. The grantees had a chance to learn more about Romania’s past and more recent history, and about its rich cultural traditions.
The two-days event was an excellent opportunity to discuss with the twenty-one grantees plus dependents about their experience during their first months in Romania, about their academic activities and adjustment to the new environment, as well as about their perspectives and plans for the 2nd semester.


Fulbright Enrichment Seminar, Raleigh, 12-15 December 2018

American Security: Integrating Multiple Experiences
Along four intensive days, over 80 Fulbrighters from over 40 countries, and various fields of knowledge, met in Raleigh, North Carolina for enriching their experience in the United States. They shared among each other and with the speakers their understanding, ideas and experiences on the security, more specific, food security, sustainable energy and policy, and disaster relief. The participants had the opportunity to discuss and network in different frames of work: panel discussions, small groups discussions, breakout sessions with representatives of various organizations (North Carolina Division of Emergency Management, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality and North Carolina Department of Agriculture), interactive simulation, and site visits (Duke Energy’s Harris Energy and Environmental Education Center, North Carolina State Emergency Management Headquarters, and Food bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina - Raleigh Branch). One event included in the agenda by the North Carolina State University was highly enjoyed by the participants – the home hospitality dinner – which gave some insights on the American culture and living.
From Romania participated three Fulbrighters, Angelica Mariana Andrei, Marcela Slusarciuc, and Simona Ioana Stefan. There are multiple benefits of this event for each participant – extension of understanding of American security issues, networking and building of future partnerships, understanding of the variety of experiences and cultures, and share of own knowledge and experience.

News from Fulbright Scholar Simona Gradinaru

Fulbright Visiting Scholar Simona Gradinaru gave a lecture within the course “Concepts and Issues in Planning and Development” offered by School of Planning, Design & Construction at Michigan State University. Her talk started with a brief introduction to the Romanian spatial planning system. It continued with a presentation of her Fulbright project research results on methods to analyze the long-term effect of national policies on trends and patterns of built-up development. After the lecture, she had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with a former Fulbright scholar from Kenya.

“Campus Life” Presentation @FEAC-EducationUSA

On December 12, the EducationUSA-affiliated Fulbright Educational Advising Center hosted a talk on campus life, in which our guest speakers were U.S. undergraduate students Sarah Hickman (Middle Tennessee State University) and Andrew Tuider (University of Illinois at Chicago), currently interning at the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest, and our very own Fulbright English Teaching Assistant James Wilson, a graduate of Southern Methodist University.
Our guests addressed a variety of topics, ranging from the liberal arts model to the myriad activities and clubs on offer in a U.S. campus. Participants in the event, mainly Romanian high school students and undergraduates, were happy to learn more about the U.S. education system and campus life, as well as about U.S. culture in general, and had a lot of questions. While the high schoolers were more interested in the application process and tips on what would make them competitive applicants to a U.S. university, Romanian undergraduate students were keen to explore differences between the U.S. and European higher education system and happy to answer, in turn, their U.S. peers’ questions. The resulting conversation was highly engaging and informative for all parties.
Many thanks to Sarah, Andrew and James for kindly agreeing to participate in this event!

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