Congratulations to Professor Ruxandra Vidu: European Expert for H2020

The European Commission has elected Prof. Ruxandra Vidu to assist the European Commission as external expert to monitor Horizon 2020 project. European experts have a high-level of expertise in the relevant fields of research and innovation and assist the Commission in connection with the Framework Program for Research and Innovation. She brings knowledge and innovation to the European Commission through her expertise in applied research and technical engineering in the fields of nanomaterials, energy, environment, engineering and life sciences.
Ruxandra Vidu, Fulbright alumna, is an Adj. Professor at University of California Davis, and the President of the American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences (ARA,

The Fulbright-RAF Scholar Award 2019-2020

The Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission announces the Fulbright-RAF (Romanian-American Foundation) Scholar Award, dedicated to Romanian academics from technical universities who wish to carry out a semester-long fellowship in residence at the University of Rochester – Ain Center for Entrepreneurship, for study and independent research, curriculum development, classroom observation and participation in community-based entrepreneurial activities.

The program starts in August 2019 and will provide the Romanian fellows with valuable experience enabling them to develop high-quality entrepreneurship education opportunities for university students throughout Romania.

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The Fulbright Senior Postdoctoral Program for Visiting Scholars 2019-2020

The Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission announces the annual competition for Fulbright Senior Postdoctoral Awards for Romanian professors, researchers and professionals who have a doctoral degree or equivalent (certified). Grants are available for conducting research and/or lecturing in the U.S. universities.

The Fulbright Senior Postdoctoral program provides international travel, accident/sickness insurance and a monthly stipend covering accommodation and living expenses.

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Humphrey Alumni Share their U.S. Experience with Future Applicants

On July 5, potential applicants to the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship had a chance to meet with Oana Claudia Iacob - Humphrey Alumna 2010-2011, Vlad Odobescu - Humphrey Alumnus 2014-2015, and Madalina Turza - Humphrey Alumna 2016-2017, in an event co-organized by the Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission and the Romanian-U.S. Alumni Association, hosted by Funky Citizens Association, with the support of its president, Elena Calistru.

Oana Claudia, also a member of the Romanian-U.S. Alumni Association board, whose Humphrey institutional affiliation was the University of Washington, introduced the topic and mentioned personal anecdotes about the application and the assessment process. She gave the floor to Vlad, who shared his personal experience as a Humphrey Fellow in Journalism at Arizona State University. Madalina, one of the most recent alumnae of the program, offered practical advice to the prospective applicants and provided some useful details about her experience as a Humphrey Fellow in Human Rights Law/Inclusive Education at the University of Minnesota. In keeping with the informal setting, the participants were encouraged to freely join the conversation and ask questions concerning the program and the three speakers’ experience as Humphrey Fellows. The three alumni shared their post-fellowship experience, focusing on the networking and leadership values promoted by this program in particular, as well as on the long-term impact the challenging Humphrey experience brings about.

The competition for the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship 2019 is still open, applications should be submitted by July 30.

The Pre-departure Orientation for 2018-2019 Romanian Fulbright Grantees and Independent Students

On Friday, June 29, the Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission hosted its Pre-departure Orientation Seminar devoted to the Romanian Fulbright grantees and independent students leaving for the U.S. to study or conduct research in the academic year 2018-2019.

The proceedings started with a series of welcome speeches by distinguished guest speakers representing the U.S. Embassy in Romania, the Fulbright Board of Directors, the U.S. Fulbright Scholars and the alumni community. The speakers insisted on the importance of the Fulbright program, which has helped build bridges of friendship and understanding between our two countries.

The agenda was intense and comprehensive: Romanian Alumni and U.S. Fulbright Scholars participated in several panel discussions, offering practical information to the current grantees starting their U.S. Fulbright experience in the coming months. We were also joined by representatives of the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy Bucharest who provided specific details and advice on J & F visas. The workshop “Emotional Tools for Shaping a Satisfying Fulbright Experience,” which concluded the Orientation, offered guidance and practical tips to all the students and scholars preparing for their forthcoming departure to the U.S., to help them overcome the pressure of adjusting to a new environment.

The Romanian grantees and independent students had the unique opportunity this year to also take part in the celebration of the Independence Day organized by the U.S. Embassy in the evening.

We wish all the best to the 2018-2019 group of Romanian students and scholars and look forward to hearing from them as they embark on their experience in the U.S.!

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