Women in Science: Technology Research and Development

Special Presentation by Alexandra Sugurel at the Fulbright Educational Advising Center (FEAC)

"Is there no limit to what women in the science field can do?" is the question the public was left pondering after Alexandra Sugurel’s talk at the EducationUSA/Fulbright Educational Advising Center in Bucharest on July 16th. Alexandra Sugurel is a former EducationUSA/FEAC advisee who won a scholarship to attend George Washington University several years ago. Ever since her graduation, Alexandra has kept coming back to FEAC to share her experience and wise advice.

Alexandra, as those present came to discover, initially wanted to major in Fine Arts but eventually majored in Engineering and Spanish as well. As a student at the George Washington University in Washington, DC, she worked as a teaching assistant in the Computer Science Department. This opportunity ultimately led to her being introduced to the wonderful mix between technology and special needs education, and later opening the path for research at MIT. Having always had an exquisite connection with children, she felt emotionally invested in this topic. Therefore, when the opportunity to program a robot for this purpose presented itself, Alexandra collaborated with a team of experts in fields such as psychology, engineering, and special education to customize the NAO robot as a powerful educational tool. NAO is a humanoid robot which, among different social applications, also aids children with autism, helping them conquer everyday obstacles.

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Aliens with Extraordinary Skills have landed @ Odeon Theater in Bucharest

The newest premiere of Odeon Theater in Bucharest has a lot to do with Fulbright Programs in Romania: Saviana Stanescu – the playwright – has completed an MA in Performance Studies at New York University with a Fulbright Grant (2001/2002) and the director, Alexandru Mihail completed an MA at Yale School of Drama through another Fulbright Grant (2009 / 2010).

The play that premiered on Saturday evening at Odeon Theater is one of Saviana Stanescu’s most acclaimed pieces. Aliens with Extraordinary Skills was produced for the first time at Julia Miles Theater in New York in 2008 and has received enthusiastic reviews in the American Press, The New Your Times stating: ”Saviana Stanescu’s Aliens With Extraordinary Skills is an enchanting piece of theater, a paean to New York”.

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The Pre-departure Orientation for Romanian Fulbright Grantees and Independent Students

The Pre-departure Orientation for the Romanian 2014/2015 Fulbright grantees and students - who have received an offer of admission from a US university - took place on Thursday, July 10. Officials from the U.S. Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, representatives of the Fulbright Board of Directors and the Romanian academic environment congratulated the participants on their accomplishment and encouraged them to continue to represent Romania at the highest level. It was also an opportunity for the participants to meet and interact with American and Romanian Fulbright alumni, US interns as well as Romanians studying in the US, who introduced them to the American environment, shared their US experience and offered useful guidance throughout the informative sessions of the Orientation. Last but not least, all the participants benefitted from advice concerning J&F visa issues provided by the Consular section of the U.S. Embassy.

The Reception that took place at Casa Oamenilor de Stiinta offered the participants one more opportunity to interact and celebrate this special day. We wish the best of luck to the entire 2014-2015 cohort of Romanian students and scholars and look forward to hearing about their upcoming experience and academic achievements in the US!

More photos are available on the Commission's Facebook page.


U.S. Embassy Summer Camp @ American Corner

Monday, July 7th our US Fulbright Intern David A. Henriquez was invited to take part of the U.S. Embassy Summer Camp hosted at the American Corner.  He worked with the students and mentored them during a debate activity on abortion and helped the students organize their thoughts and clear points. David then presented the “Study in the USA” undergraduate section, where he explained the different opportunities to study in the US. He concluded with a social experiment where they had to negotiate their (fictional) country's resources and make allies.

Tuesday, July 8th David was again invited to help out during the U.S. Embassy Summer Camp morning session. On this occasion he created an innovative thinking game where the students were broken into small groups and had to think outside the box to find the correct solution. The students seemed to really enjoy his presence and fun activities.

4th of July Special Event at the Fulbright Educational Advising Center

The Fulbright Educational Advising Center (FEAC) proudly celebrated Independence Day by hosting a special session of the US Culture Club on July 3rd. FEAC local friends as well as guests from afar got together to exchange opinions and learn more about the United States in a one-of-a-kind event. The host and main organizer was Fulbright intern, David Henriquez, who engaged the guests in a trivia quiz, following the success of the American trivia game during FEAC’s White Night on June 21-22. The attendees shared stories and discussed their own personal experiences in the United States. The event symbolically ended with a collective reading of the Declaration of Independence and a bold attempt at singing the U.S. national anthem. All guests received printed materials and CDs containing useful information and step-by-step guides designed to help them prepare for their future college applications.

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