Celebrating American Culture and Education: Flag Day at the U.S. Embassy Romania

On Thursday, June 12, over 100 students and teachers from five Bucharest high schools attended the Flag Day competition, organized by the Public Diplomacy section of the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest. The participants celebrated Flag Day through colorful displays highlighting specific features of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, with the main theme being the diversity of American Indian cultures all across the United States.

The Fulbright Commission also took part in the event with an educational booth staffed by Fulbright Educational Advising Center/FEAC advisers and interns. Our booth was visited both by students set on continuing their education in the U.S. and by others who were just starting their journey, but were interested to learn more. Throughout the four-hour event, our team interacted with the participants and introduced them to the study and funding opportunities U.S. campuses offer to top international students. Ruxandra Rădulescu, EducationUSA/FEAC adviser, Anna Sherod, U.S. Fulbright grantee, and Alexandru Roşca, currently a sophomore at NYU Abu Dhabi, delivered speeches on behalf of FEAC, detailing some of the activities and success stories of our educational center. We received significant positive feedback and are looking forward to continuing our interaction with these students during the various events which will be hosted by our center.

Research Collaboration Opportunity

Bob Ives, Associate Professor at University of Nevada, Reno and U.S. Fulbright alumnus is gathering a team to develop research projects in Romania on the topic of academic dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism, etc.) in universities and colleges. The goal is to publish peer-reviewed scholarly articles in respected journals (including ISI/Thompson Reuters journals) during the next few years. If you are interested in joining his team or learning more, please contact:

Bob Ives
Associate Professor
Co-Director, Research in Romania Program
University of Nevada, Reno

New Series of U.S. Culture Club begins at FEAC

Yesterday, June 4th, the FEAC team hosted the first cultural club of the summer, ”Intro to American Culture”, coordinated by our U.S. intern, David Henriquez. The club received an immense assistance and support from our Educational Advisor, Ruxi Radulescu and one of our American Fulbright students, Anna Sherod. We began with some fun and interactive activities, where the students were divided into groups where they had to draw the best outline of the U.S. map and then they had to list as many states as they could, followed by a brief presentation on their great American map.

The second activity really tested their American pop culture, history and popular music in the U.S. knowledge, when David surprised them with an American trivia game. The students did an amazing job, and a few of them even got some prizes!

David then concluded with a short talk about American customs and greetings where he explained and compared the differences between Romania and the U.S.

Overall, we had 20+ students come to our first cultural club, and we are excited to host our next cultural club next week!

Article on Eliade by Dr. Liviu Bordas

Dr. Liviu Ioan Bordas, Romanian Fulbright Scholar in 2012-2013 at the University of Chicago, published an article entitled “The Magic Fact and the Mystic Fact: Eliade’s First Encounter with the Works of Evola” in the collective volume Mircea Eliade. Myth, Religion, and History, edited by Nicolae Babuts, Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick - London, 2014 (http://www.transactionpub.com/title/Mircea-Eliade-978-1-4128-5299-9.html). Nicolae Babuts, Robert Ellwood, Eric Ziolkowski, John Dadosky, Robert Segal, Mac Linscott Ricketts, Douglas Allen, and Liviu Bordaş examine Eliade’s views on the interaction between the sacred and the profane.

“Decebal” High School Students Consider US Study Opportunities

On Thursday, May 29, the Fulbright Education Advising Center (FEAC) team held an information session at “Decebal” Bilingual High School in Bucharest, where 40+ high school students (10th & 11th graders) took part in. Our FEAC intern, David Henriquez, delivered a presentation on “Study in the USA” which focused on studying abroad in the US at an undergraduate level. We discussed the application process, personal statement, choosing the right university and the ways in which our EducationUSA advising team can help prospective applicants. The students participated in our Q&A session and did not miss the opportunity to ask about American culture, life as a student and even myths about the Greek life at a US university campus. We would like to thank Prof. Virginia Dutu for inviting us to speak today and we look forward to our next meeting.

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