Fulbright Student Award to the United States 2019-2020

The Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission is pleased to announce the 2019-2020 Fulbright Student Award competition for master’s study or research in the United States. Applicants can be Romanian graduates - BA, MA or PhD students - from accredited public and private universities. BA students are also invited to apply if they are in their final year of undergraduate study.

The Fulbright Student Award provides: international travel, tuition and university fees within established budget limits, books and supplies allowance, accident/sickness insurance and a living stipend for one academic year.

The applicants will be selected through open, merit-based competition to participate in quality graduate level programs in any academic field except the clinical ones (i.e. that include patient contact).

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“Your Way to U.S. Graduate Admissions: How to Write Convincing Essays” @FEAC-EducationUSA

On Thursday, April 19, the EducationUSA-affiliated Fulbright Educational Advising Center hosted a special workshop titled “Your Way to U.S. Graduate Admissions: How to Write Convincing Essays”, coordinated by Fulbright ETA Bridget Kelly (University of Indiana Bloomington).
During the workshop, which lasted over an hour, Bridget helped the 17 participants – both prospective Fulbright applicants and those considering an independent application - grasp the differences between the study/research objectives essay and the personal statement and start developing effective writing strategies for both.
Her engaging presentation provided the attendees with expert tips on writing a strong essay, highlighting the importance of asking the right questions both in building a convincing personal narrative and in defining one’s study/research objectives.
Prospective applicants acquainted themselves with effective ways to make their case by looking at excerpts from successful Fulbright applications. Bridget was happy to take questions throughout the workshop, providing participants with valuable tips on brainstorming and writing strategies, to help them approach more confidently the Fulbright essays and personal statements alike.

Acculturation for Future U.S. Fulbrighters to Romania

Current Fulbright grantees Sarah D’Antoni, Mariah Ligas, Brooke Reavey and Chealin Won created a couple of videos to help future U.S. Fulbright grantees to Romania familiarize themselves with Romanian language, culture, traditions, and holidays.

Part I: On Language – Sarah D’Antoni & Mariah Ligas
Learn some basic Romanian with U.S. Fulbright ETAs Sarah D’Antoni & Mariah Ligas

Part II: On Culture – Brooke Reavey

U.S. Fulbright Scholar Brooke Reavey talks about cultural differences between Romania and the United States

Part III: On Traditions & Holidays – Chealin Won

Fulbright ETA Chealin Won talks about Name Day & Christmas Markets

Chealin Won Meeting School of Public Health Students in Cluj

Fulbright ETA Chealin Won, currently teaching at the University of Craiova, recently visited the School of Public Health in Cluj, where she met with first year students about the health care system in the U.S. as well as Romania. Focusing on the intersectionality of race, socioeconomic status, and access to healthcare, Chealin spoke about current limitations and what an ideal healthcare system may look like for the next generation in both the U.S. and Romania. Additionally, the students and Chealin had a meaningful conversation about the importance of sex education in Romania and how it can be incorporated into the public education sector.

New Webinar for Fulbright Student Award Applicants

On Wednesday, April 25, from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., we invite you to join us for a new online seminar: "Fulbright Student Award - from Applying to Becoming a Fulbrighter."

The webinar will be conducted by Fulbright Alumnus Ștefan Răzvan Florea, who earned a Master’s degree in Engineering Management (2015-2016) at Stevens Institute of Technology - School of Systems and Enterprises, Hoboken, New Jersey.

Ștefan will share his perspective on the application process for graduate admissions, along with practical suggestions from his own experience as a Fulbright Student grantee in the U.S. He will also talk about his life at Stevens Institute of Technology, as an international master’s student there, as well as about his plans and current activities after his return. Ștefan will be ready to answer your questions in the last part of the webinar.

To attend please register by email at office@fulbright.ro by April 24.

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