Fulbright Alumni to host the IEEE IDAACS’2017 International Conference at the University “Politehnica” of Bucharest

Between 21-23 September 2017 the University „Politehnica” of Bucharest is hosting, through the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers and in collaboration with the Research Institute for Intelligent Computing Systems within the National Economic University of Ternopil and the Cybernetics Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the 9th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications (IDAACS’2017).

The conference is co-chaired by Professor Anatoly Sachenko – Fulbright Professor 2002-2003, University of Maine, and Fulbright Visiting Scholar 2010-2011, University of New Hampshire – and Associate Professor Grigore Stamatescu, Fulbright Visiting Scholar 2015-2016, University of California, Merced. Among the 200 attending professors and researchers from 30 countries, the event will enjoy the participation of several other Fulbrighters, from the U.S. and elsewhere. The three-day conference serves as a venue for academic exchange and, through its rich technical program and social activities, it proposes to enhance collaboration between Eastern and Western researchers.

For more information, visit http://idaacs.net/2017

Webinar: The Fulbright Senior Award - A Guide to Preparing the Application

The online seminar “The Fulbright Senior Award: A Guide to Preparing the Application” -  to take place on Friday, September 15, from 3.00 to 4.00 p.m. -  will provide guidance on how to fill out your application, with a main focus on the project statement.

Dr. Dragos Ivana and Dr. Cătălin Berescu, two recent alumni of the Fulbright Senior Program for Visiting Scholars, will join us on this occasion to speak about their own experience concerning the application process. They will also offer suggestions regarding the structure of the project statement. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions about the Fulbright application steps and the most important qualitative component(s) of the application.

In order to attend you can register by email at office@fulbright.ro by Thursday, September 14.

News from Romanian Fulbrighter Alexandru Groza

“How did my Fulbright journey start? It started at the University of Idaho in an American state that I had heard too little about. I had no expectations, nor good, nor bad, just the feeling that I will have a fresh start.

What did I find at the University of Idaho? I found a family that took all the Fulbrighters, coming from all the continents, into their care. Not only did we receive valuable pieces of advice and information about what Fulbright really means, but we also felt real warmth. It was like everyone was eager to help bridge the cultural gap. It was not the cultural shock that came first, as the people involved in the organization, the volunteers, and the perfect combination of events made our cultural adjustment easier, although we knew very well that this gateway was the path to a better understanding of our new life and research style.

Read more: News from Romanian Fulbrighter Alexandru Groza

Fulbright Specialist Program in Financial Literacy

The Romanian Center for Economic Education (CREE), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic and financial literacy in Romania, hosted Jane Lopus, PhD, as a Fulbright Specialist in May 2017.  Jane is Director of the Center for Economic Education at California State University East Bay and Director of the Global Economic Education Alliance (GEEA), a US-based non-profit organization. Paul Lacatus is President of CREE and Maria Lacatus, PhD, is Program Director. Maria is also Associate Professor in the Teacher Training Department of the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE; Bucharest University of Economics).  Jane was a Fulbright Scholar at ASE in 2010.  
As part of the Fulbright Specialist grant, on May 18 2017 Dr. Lopus and Dr. Lacatus were keynote speakers and presented a joint paper entitled “A Comparison of Financial Literacy Education in Schools in Romania and the United States” at the annual conference of ASE’s Teacher Training Department. This paper is available here. Dr. John Brock (of GEEA and the University of Colorado) was also a keynote speaker.

Read more: Fulbright Specialist Program in Financial Literacy

Fulbright Alumna Ruxandra Vidu Re-elected as President of the American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences

Professor Ruxandra Vidu of the University of California Davis, a Fulbright Alumna, was re-elected as President of the American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences (ARA) during the 41st ARA Congress. She was first elected ARA president in 2013 at the 27th ARA Congress in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

After more than 6 years, the 41st ARA Congress was brought back to Romania. The 41st ARA Congress "Science and Arts in Modern Era" was held at the University of Craiova, between 19-22 July 2017, with participation from Romania, USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Tunisia and Republic of Moldova.

The congress was opened by Prof. Univ. Dr. Cezar Ionuţ Spânu, Rector of the University of Craiova, following Prof. Univ. Dr. Ruxandra Botez, Director of the 41st ARA Congress and Prof. Univ. Dr. Ruxandra Vidu, President of ARA. Prof. Ruxandra Vidu also presented the messages addressed to the 41st ARA Congress by the Royal House of Romania, President Emil Constantinescu (1996-2000) and the Academy of Medical Sciences of Romania. Following were the presentations of Acad. Gheorghe Păun, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Acad. Dorel Banabic, Technical University of Cluj Napoca, and artist Mihai Teodor Olteanu, painter of the Revolution in Timisoara.

Read more: Fulbright Alumna Ruxandra Vidu Re-elected as President of the American Romanian Academy of Arts...

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